CORRIENDO VELOS – Removing veils

Es una serie de cuatro performances en busca del conocimiento personal. Mas en:

This is a group of four artistic performances in the search for self awarness. More in:

We are a social beings and we build ourselves together, between criptomnecia, colective experiences, postmoder truth, deconstruction and false-identity. These performance provide a space to get in touch with oneself through an other, recognise an other, turn over commandments and the imaginary. Deconstruct, rethink, accept and go back to feeling. Two are participatory performances where the spectator enter from one of the sides of the workspace. Each participation lasts between 5 to 10 minutes, and the performance last 45 minutes in total. Four performance that investigate psychic veils, emotions and historical that we carry daily. About our being and what we are, what we are told we are or what we have to be. Body reconstruction.

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